Family Portrait Sessions

Family Portrait Sessions

Let us start by saying that clothing is secondary to the authenticity of the expression, and the connection between you and your family. Kathryn excels at capturing authentic, charismatic expressions , and regardless of what you are wearing, this will shine through. Here are some session tips based on questions most people have. If we have missed anything please get in touch, we are happy to help.

Only Dress Up If You Want To

If you prefer the look of your family being dressed up, feel free! But don't feel you have to if that is not your style. Whether it's a formal look, or more casual,preppy, punk rock, wear the clothes that best expresses who your family is. We love it all. If the decision of what to wear is tough, bring a selection of things you like for everyone. Throw it in a suitcase, or garment bag, and let us help you choose!

Dress Them In What You Love To See Them In

This is Kathryn’s number one suggestion. You want portraits that remind you of exactly how you love to see your children, whether it is in his favourite Batman tshirt, or her beloved polka-dot leggings that she has worn every day for the last 6 months. Wearing thier favourites also helps children to "buy in" to the experience .

Colour and Patterns Work

Don’t be afraid of colour or pattern, it all works. There is no rule that everyone needs to match, or that everyone needs to wear white. If you are bringing a lot of black clothing though, please bring another option as well. Black can work wonderfully but at times does not always read well, so having options is suggested.

We Love Bare Skin

If either parent is comfortable being shirtless (we will cover private areas with children, arms, etc), this can make a striking portrait.Talk to Kathryn about it beforehand so she can plan for how she will shoot this. Bare feet is a common choice. If you would rather wear shoes, then everyone else should as well.If you do not look like yourself without your glasses, keep them on for the session. If not, it is best to remove them for photos.

Clothing Suggestions For Children

Whether it is in his favourite Batman tshirt, or her beloved polka-dot leggings that she has worn every day for the last 6 months, dressing them in what you love to see them in will result in portraits of exactly how you love to see your children. Solids, any type of colour, patterns, and texture are all great! Bring it all, the most important thing is that you love it, and that it is really “them".

Unless you prefer the look of them being dressed up, there is no need to be dressed up, pressed, or formal in any way for the session.

Costumes or dress-ups can be fun for a photo or two especially if they reflect who your child is at this age (a favourite tutu, or treasured rubber boots), but please bring “regular” clothes as well.

Other hints: Shoes usually do not matter as children are most often photographed in bare feet. However if there are a special pair that you would really like in the photo, please bring them!

Please plan ahead to be sure your child's hair is styled/cut/ groomed just the way you like it.

Take care to be sure your children’s noses and faces are clean when you arrive.

Pregnancy + Newborn Sessions

Pregnancy + Newborn Sessions

Show Off Your Belly

The focus of this session is your beautiful pregnant belly and we want any wardrobe you choose to show it off!

Clothing Suggestions

Sheer (robe, blouse, open-knit sweater, or anything that let’s us see the shape of your body well)
Tightly fitting clothing (tight dress, tight tank, etc.)
Glam (fur, sequins, Louboutins; if this is your style, bring it all!)
Lingerie (if you prefer, it can add a different style to the session)
Texture, pattern and colour are all great.

Be Careful of Lines

Try to not wear anything that will leave lines (tight waistlines or bra) for two hours prior to your session so your skin is smooth.

Extra Lotion

Put a little extra lotion on the day of the session to get that extra glow to your skin.

Show Some Skin

Nude or semi nude photos are beautiful during pregnancy, if you are comfortable with the idea, have Kathryn take a few for you!


We know that this may be one of your first outings with your new baby, and that these photos are very important to you. It is expected that there will be lots of time spent feeding, rocking, walking, jiggling, wiping, etc. and we allow lots of time for the session so that you will not feel rushed. We also keep the studio warm, and use heaters and heating pads to make sure baby is cozy during the session.

What to Pack

Bring it all! We advise you bring extra of everything: swaddle blankets, diapers, wipes,onesies, and a change of clothes for everyone to wear home—those newborns tend to be pretty “leaky” and you might all get wet!

Arrive with baby dressed in clothes easy to remove. Have baby dressed in a very simple outfit, or just a diaper if it’s warm enough out. Often, baby arrives to the studio asleep after the car ride, and if we can undress him without waking him, we can get started right away!

Naked is Best

Newborns are so tiny, they can appear swallowed up by their clothes! Most often, we photograph babies naked, or in just a diaper with a diaper cover. If your baby does not like to be naked, please bring well-fitting onesies, kimonos, t-shirts or swaddle blankets. Any colour, pattern or texture is fine, as long as you love it!If you do not have a diaper cover, we have several here at the studio.

No Socks or Shoes

Please remove baby’s socks before you leave home as they often leave lines in the skin. We usually photograph babies with their bare feet rather than in shoes.

Calming Devices

If you normally use a pacifier, this can be really helpful to soothe baby, without having to take her out of the place we have her for the photo, and can be gently removed when she has calmed down.

Clothes for You

We advise that you bring what you feel you look best in. Having just had a baby we know you will be sensitive about your belly, and we are always keeping a lookout for that and will try to pose you to only highlight your best angles.

Extended Family Sessions

Extended Family Sessions

When choosing clothing for a group photo, it is most important that everyone like what they are wearing and feel like they look great!

For a multi-generational family portrait, Kathryn suggests choosing one of these 3 options selecting clothing:

  1. Everyone matches, i.e. all in denim with black tops.
  2. No one matches, i.e. everyone choosing their own pattern or solid, wearing something they feel that they look great in.
  3. A combination, i.e. the adults in patterns and children in patterns, or vice versa.Hair for everyone should be styled in a way that keeps bang from falling in or across eyes so all faces are visible.

Shoes: the general rule is “either everyone in shoes, or everyone in bare feet” you decide.

Glasses: unless you really do not look like yourself without glasses, it is best to leave them off for photos.

Make Up, Hair + Accessories

Make Up, Hair + Accessories

Make Up

We highly recommend having professional make up done prior to your photo session.Below is a list of extremely talented and reputable make up artists that you can book to come do your make up at your home prior to you coming to the studio for the photo session. Book as far in advance as possible , these ladies book up fast !

Denise Elliot Make Up Service
( Denise has several artists available and we love them all!)
Phone : 604 988 9272

Katie Man
call: 604 715 8881

Margaret Lai

Mary Jane Baker
(Available in West Van Only)
Phone: 604-817-7951

Stick to light nail polish and lip colour. Darker tones read as black in a black and white photo.


For women and girls, please take care to be sure that hair is cut or styled in a way that does not have bangs falling into or across the eyes. We want to see those sparkly eyes in every photo! For men and boys, please be sure that hair is cut and styled the way you like it the day of the session.


Shoes: Unless you specifically want them to show, shoes are often not obvious in the photo. Bare feet is a common choice. The general suggestion re: shoes is either everyone with, or everyone without.

Jewellery: Wear any piece that you love and is special to you .

Glasses: Unless you feel like you do not look like yourself without your glasses, we recommend not wearing them in photos.

Studio Location + Parking

Studio Location + Parking

PBK Studio is located at:

807 Powell Street, Suite 230 Vancouver


Phone 604.488.1254


Street parking is easily available on weekends.

On weekdays, we have a parking spot available to you in the lot behind the building (off Hawks Ave), spot #11.

We are on the second floor; there is one flight of stairs. If you have a lot to carry or need help bringing your children up, please do not hesitate to call us and we will come down to help.